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Christine Bjärkby

Growth Capital & Business Development

Senior advisor - LINCS

2011 - now

Coaching companies, leaders, owners, entrepreneurs to grow both in strategic analyses as well as finance analysis and to find investments. Working closely with the industry and innovation systems, businessangel groups, investment companies, VCs and other platforms for growth/business development processes.

Growth Capital & Business Development West region - CONNECT SVERIGE REGION VÄST

August 2017 - February 2019

Springboard Investment readiness & Venture Capital

Responsible for Connect’s flagship program, the Springboard, further for growth companies in search for private equity and other sources of financing. Connect’s investment readiness program is designed to support growth companies wishing to seek capital to scale-up. The content of the program aims to get the entrepreneur in a strong position to present the business to different investors and meet their requirements. The Springboard is a proven, structured, yet flexible, business accelerator program. 
Connects venture capital business area includes companies pitching for the business angel network and open financial forums, master classes for investors, recruitment of new investors, implementing a digital platform for entrepreneurs looking for capital among other things.
Responsible for Connect business angel network activities in Connect Sverige Region West and a national education program for business angels. Representative for all Connect regions businessangel network as board member at EBAN and representing Connect at upcoming NordicBan. Responsible for developement of Connect Sverige national growth capital platform.

Branch manager Borås region - CONNECT SVERIGE REGION VÄST

January 2013 - August 2013

Connect Sverige is an organization that links entrepreneurs with the financial, technical and business development resources they need to create and develop high-growth companies in Sweden. By organizing activities and offering advice, Connect supports and improves the opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The needs of the entrepreneur are always central, and Connect’s objective is to speed up the start-ups’ commercialization and thus create additional jobs in Sweden.  
The activities are carried out by regional networks co-ordinated by CONNECT Sverige, a non-profit organization. Connect Sverige is also responsible – in co-operation with the regional networks – for all activities at national level, and for helping new networks get started. Within each network, people with experience in various areas of expertise contribute their time and know-how in in support of the Connect activities. Examples of such people are entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, management and marketing consultants, and venture capitalists.
Connect Sverige is a non-political, non-profit-making, private initiative. Connect Sverige is financed primarily by the Swedish Industrial Development Fund and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. The regional networks are financed mainly by fees for memberships, partner packages, and activities.

Investment promotion manager - LOCAL AUTHORITIES SJUHÄRAD

Oktober 2007 - March 2011

Built up representation of Invest Sweden and organisation consisting marketing inward, establisch-service for foreign companies in 9 municipalities in Western Sweden

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